Why Poker Players Are More Successful Than Those Who Don’t Gamble

Some say gambling is a “mug’s game” but in actual fact people who play poker happen to be more successful than those who don’t bet at all.

Poker players head into the game completely unaware of the outcome, they can never be certain of a successful hand and they accept that sometimes, they are going to lose money. Entrepreneurs follow a similar mindset, they accept their losses and work on minimalizing them.

Whilst there is no way to completely eradicate your losses, poker players and entrepreneurs alike work to minimize them. Poker players asses the risk of a hand and in fact, don’t play the majority of hands. They realise that they cannot make a living on luck alone so they only play hands they are most likely to win. Similarly, it’s okay to say no in business, so as long as you swiftly move on and say yes to the best opportunities.

In any walk of life, practice makes perfect, and that is one motto that poker players certainly swear by. You must master the art of poker before you are able to play, you couldn’t just walk into a game having never played before. You must prepare, and if not, prepare to fail. They study the game beforehand, watch other people play, read books on tips and tricks and put the hours in. The business game is no different, businessmen must put the hours in building up relationships and interacting with customers to accomplish their goals.

Poker players advance off information, as it allows them to make informed decisions based off an opponent’s strategy. They gamble small sums of money in order to find out. They simply cannot predict their style of play, and must face them to find out, which is why they are generally successful, informed decision making goes a long. Much in the way that entrepreneurs cannot predict a customer’s behavior and does not know how they feel about certain products, until they interact. By taking any opportunity, big or small, to interact with them, they are not making any broad assumptions, thus minimalizing risk further.

Surprisingly, being successful when it comes to gambling is down to consistency. There is actually such a thing as a winning streak. Those who win bets are more likely to keep on winning as they generally tend to play safe bets following their first win, whereas those who lose try to recoup their losses and continue to gamble, even if they fail to do so.

Though those who lose may struggle to recoup their losses, the consistency of winners clearly pays off, as they continue to win. And businesses should consider following suit if they wish to be successful, as once they secure a successful deal, they should focus on developing similar ones.

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