The Only Way To Keep Your S7 Smudge-Free

Have you ever caught yourself swiping your fingers over a piece of paper in hopes of flipping the page or zooming in on the text? You can feel pretty stupid attempting to apply modern electronic gestures to a book, newspaper, or flyer. But it just goes to show you how pervasive touchscreens have become in the past decade. They’re everywhere – in grocery stores, airports, museum exhibitions, and most noticeably your pocket. Forget the old flip Nokia phones that had an actual keypad and no access to the Internet. Now your smartphone can do almost anything. With only a few swipes of your fingers you can go from taking the perfect selfie to positing it on IG, to speak nothing of actually making a call.

But that’s not the only thing a few swipes will do. Fingers, covered in sweat and oil, leave behind grime every time you use your touchscreen. And now, if you have the latest Galaxy S7 that smudge-fest extends to the entirety of the phone, as the makers at Samsung created a Gorilla Glass backing that broadcasts to the world each and every touch of your finger.

True, you could simply wipe away these smudges, but at the rate you use your phone, you’ll be polishing your smartphone every few seconds. Why not choose a permanent way to keep your S7 smudge- and grime-free by installing a dirt resistant skin? Made out of 3M vinyl, these skins create an effective barrier between the impressionable surface of the S7 and your greasy fingerprints.

That’s not all an S7 skin will do. It also saves your phone from cosmetic damages that can devalue what critics are calling the best phone of the year. Just like smudges, scratches, scrapes, and gouges will be a thing of the past when you have an S7 skin wrapped around your cell. You’ll also cut down on accidental drops, as the unique texture of these skins provides a better grip for your hands than the original glass.

The cool thing about these accessories is that they aren’t just about protection. They’re also a fashionable addition to your phone – if you know where to get them. The designers at dbrand understand that you bought the latest Galaxy because of its ground-breaking style, so they’ve created a skin that works with its design rather than against it. Not only do they hug the unique curves of the Galaxy, but dbrand has tons of skins for you Galaxy S7 that look and feel amazing. With tons of colors and textures to choose from, you can create a customized Galaxy skin and have a completely protected and trendy phone.

Think of how much time you’ll save when you no longer have to buff your phone after each use. Those seconds add up! And so does the unparalleled protection saving your S7 from unsightly bumps and scrapes. Check out the available designs and get a Galaxy S7 skin today!